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Standardized model includes:

BASE: Floor profiles in bent galvanized steel, joined by a structural omega profile measuring 100x60x2mm, thus providing greater resistance to the base.


PA) FLOOR is made with MGO boards and floating laminate flooring;


PE) Exterior walls and dividing wall with a total thickness of 60mm, built in sandwich panel with a thickness of 80mm, formed by pre-lacquered sheet on both sides and interior in injected polyurethane with a density of 40 kg/m³;

CF)Coverage with 2 waters in profiled galvanized sheet metal. Insulation of the cover in rock wool with 60mm thickness and barrier screen for steam. .False ceiling consisting of a 30 mm sandwich panel;

CE) Interior Frames with p40mm thick white lacquered steel door, 2-leaf white lacquered aluminum sliding windows,  dimensions 1000x1045mm with railings (optional pvc blind);

CI) Interior Frame with door white lacquered steel with a thickness of 40mm;


RE) Protruding Electricity Branches complete with switchboard and respective components;


RA) Surface water lines complete with pipe and fittings sspeedfit;


RAR) Waste Water Branches with accessories and 40mm and 90mm PVC pipe;

IS) Sanitary Installation varies depending on the models;

Modules equipped with toilet(s), washbasin(s), mirror(s), towel rail(s), roll holder. Shower(s) and water heater(s);




The values do not include, in addition to those described below, all that are not mentioned in the supply proposal to be prepared.

Example: work licensing process, architectural design (except drawings related to construction), specialty projects and any other processes necessary to obtain a construction and use license;

Infrastructure, namely, base construction,  retaining walls, any construction or cladding in masonry or stone, septic tank, absorbent well and respective plumbing;

Connection to public water, sewage, electricity, gas and/or other networks;

Exterior floors including porch floors and landscaping;

fireplaces and chimneys;

Kitchen furniture, miscellaneous furniture, household appliances;

Solar panels;

Water heating or air conditioning systems.

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