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T2 Maia Model

Number of partitions: 4  (two  Rooms + 1 Common Room/Kitchen + 1 WC)




WALLS: Solid wood planks in Pine/Nordic Spruce, 44mm thick and m/f fitting system;

FLOOR: Plank Flooring  solid wood in Pine/Nordic Spruce, 19mm thick with m/f fitting system;

INTERIOR COVER: Plank Lining  19mm thick pine wood with m/f fitting system;

FRAMEWORK: Solid wood beams in Pine/Nordic Spruce; 

FRAMEWORK: Windows and exterior doors in wood with double glazed opening and door frame. 


44mm single walls;

68mm single walls;

Double walls 44mm + 44mm + air box with 50/100mm #;

covered porch;

Exterior shutters kit;  

Kit PVC manual or electric blinds;

Balcony Handrail Kit;  

Combustion/fire retardant product;

Replacement of the external wooden frames with PVC;

Removal of wooden flooring for laying ceramic or floating flooring;

Final coverage - Asphalt tile, 40mm tile imitation sandwich panel ;

Covering the exterior walls in cork, capoto (hide and protect the wood, improves thermal and acoustic insulation;

PACK 1 * = Supply of the base kit and palletised transport in mainland Portugal

PACK 2 * =  Pack 1 + Assembly of N/ Base kit

PACK 3  *  =  Pack 1 + Pack 2 + Supply and application of the final covering with asphalt tile for garages, T0 and T0+WC and Imitation tile sandwich panel for types T1, T2, T3 and T4.

Supply and application of electricity, TV, NET, plumbing, and sewer lines (only inside the structure).

Supply of stains and varnishes necessary for the treatment and beautification of wood.

* Cost varies depending on the place of installation.

Options: with or without covered porch




The values do not include, in addition to those described below, all that are not mentioned in the supply proposal to be prepared.

Example: work licensing process, architectural design (except drawings related to construction), specialty projects and any other processes necessary to obtain a construction and use license;

Infrastructure, namely, base construction,  retaining walls, any construction or cladding in masonry or stone, septic tank, absorbent well and respective plumbing;

Connection to public water, sewage, electricity, gas and/or other networks;

Exterior floors including porch floors and landscaping;

fireplaces and chimneys;

Kitchen furniture, miscellaneous furniture, household appliances;

Solar panels;

Water heating or air conditioning systems.

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