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The "EUROMODULAR PANEL" concept is a technology based on a cement, sand, additives and expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel coated with 5mm Calcium Silicate panels, generating a very robust material with high thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Savings up to  40%



The EUROMODULAR BASE KIT is available for the most diverse uses, namely, residential and commercial.  

All the materials necessary for the construction are made available to the client, with the refinement and comfort expected from a traditional construction.

As a product that is manufactured on a large scale  has advantages in price and diversity of architectures.

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento

Painéis de betão leve reforçado

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento

Revestimento com placas de silicato de cálcio

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento

Sistema encaixe mf

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento

Sistema de encaixe mf

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento

Acoplamento perfeito

Paineis de Cimento

Paineis de Cimento


Buildings with Panels  of concrete


The concept  "EUROMODULAR PANEL"" is a technique  constructive that uses  panels  cementitious materials with a sandwich-type structure, composed of two sides of Calcium Silicate and EPS Light Concrete core  generating an extremely robust material  with high thermal and acoustic efficiency.


The construction process cancels all structural walls, in order to give greater creative freedom to the architect and facilitate future renovations in the interior space.

Panel construction based on individual modules makes it possible to reduce construction costs by optimizing production in a factory environment and standardizing the dimensions of the construction elements.

Structural panels can be used in the assembly of buildings or used as façade elements in civil construction. The panels, in some cases, join the metallic construction or precast reinforced cement.

They are an advantage over traditional building elements such as masonry, plasterboard, etc...


Main advantages:

  • Speed of execution of work with  workforce reduction;

  • Ease of adaptability of the panels to any type of finish;

  • Suitable for hot and cold climates:

  • Easy incorporation of technical installations: water and electricity networks.


Vidor fiber mesh reinforced lightweight concrete panels  can be used as a floor slab.

Its high mechanical strength combined with a structural system defined in the project produces the advantage of making the building/house significantly lighter due to its low weight per m².

The horizontal slabs/slabs made with this type of material are equally resistant to impacts, just like a traditional slab and also bring the advantages of an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Other applications can still be considered for the use of this type of material.

We believe that this technology will be of great value in the construction of schools, garages, annexes, housing, commercial buildings, hospitals and industries that can benefit from the application of this innovative method, due to the comparative factors with traditional construction.  


Advantages of the panel construction method:

  • lightweight structure

  • pressure resistance

  • High acoustic insulation response

  • High thermal insulation response

  • anti-fire properties

  • Reduced assembly time

Technical specifications
The panels are manufactured in standard dimensions of 2.27m high x 61cm wide and thicknesses of 60, 75, 90, 120 and 150mm.


MEASUREMENTS (mm)     Weight (kg/m2)        Application (WALL)      Coef. Transmission Thermal (w/mºc)       Acoustic insulation (DB)

2270 x  610 x  60          35                  interior                          0.95                          ≤37

2270 x  610 x  75          40                  interior                          0.80                         ≤38

2270 x  610 x  90          45             Interior and exterior                     0.65                         ≤39

2270 x  610 x  120         60             Interior and exterior                     0.50                         ≤41

2270 x  610 x  150         75                  exterior                          0.35                         ≤43


We can conclude that this type of material is ideal for different constructions.
In addition to housing construction, there are advantages in the construction of hospitals, industrial and commercial buildings, technical kitchens and others.
Its high performance, both for high and low frequencies with long wavelengths, allows for good acoustic isolation.

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