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Standardized model includes:

BASE: Floor profiles in bent galvanized steel, joined by a structural omega profile with 100x60x2mm, thus giving greater resistance to the base.


PA) FLOOR is built with MGO boards covered with floating laminate flooring (standard to be defined and vinyl in the WC division). SUB-FLOOR application of MGO boards bolted to the floor profiles from the bottom, thus creating an air box that will be filled with roofmate boards, increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation at the base of the structure;


PE) Exterior walls in 40mm sandwich panel, formed by pre-lacquered sheet on both sides and interior in injected polyurethane with a density of 40 kg/m³. Panel union by male/female with seal. Possibility of using panels with a thickness of 60 or 80 mm, in polyurethane or rock wool. Lined on the inside with plasterboard plates (12mm plasterboard);

PI) Interior walls built with 70mm structural profiles, thermal and acoustic insulation with 60mm rock wool. Covering the interior walls and ceiling with plasterboard (12mm plasterboard) or 10mm wood lining, except for the bathrooms and the kitchen countertop area where we use waterproof plasterboard coated with tile or other similar material.


CF) Final cover made of profiled galvanized sheet. Between the final roof and the false ceiling, 60mm thick rock wool is placed with an anti-vapor barrier for better thermal-acoustic performance. False ceiling consisting of a 30 mm sandwich panel coated with plasterboard (12mm plasterboard);


CE) Exterior Frame, door and exterior windows in PVC with cortizo profile, 70mm thick with 4*16*4 double glazing. Dimensions (H x W) 2000 x 800mm;


CI) Interior Frame Sliding doors in chipboard/plywood with wood veneer. Dimensions (H x W) 2000 x 800mm;


RE) Electricity lines, switchgear and respective components;


RA) Water Branches. Accessories and 16mm multilayer tube;


RAR) Wastewater Branches. 40mm and 90mm PVC pipe and fittings;


RNTV) Pre-installation of NET and TV extensions;


IS) Sanitary installation equipped with a 1200 x 800mm shower cabin, 800mm mobile, built-in washbasin, washbasin and shower monoblocs, square tap, mirror, toilet, tank and top.


RPIC) Kitchen Pre-Installation Extensions (water, electricity and sewage);


SS) Integrated radio and wifi sound system with 6 speakers.;


OPE) Exterior Wall Options - Replacement of the exterior walls of sandwich panel with walls built with structural profiles with 90mm overlaid by cementitious sheets of Magnesium Sulfate, air box filled with 80mm rock wool, option of coating the exterior walls with a panel of 30mm thick cork, capoto, mirrored panels, glazed panels, etc...;


OPI) Interior Wall Options - Plywood panels, natural stone panels.  


SDI) Fire Detection System (pre-installation with wiring and detectors)


VDE) Decentralized ventilation with heat recovery.


SV) Surveillance System.

SDI) Fire Detection System (pre-installation with cabling and detectors);


SA) Alarm System.

Housing solution - replacement of sandwich façade panels with structural metal profiles

Replacement of the sandwich panel on the facade by walls with a total width of 114mm, built with metal profiles 90mm, coated on the outside with MGO plates 12mm thick, inclusion (in the air box) of rock wool 80mm thick and coated on the inside with 12mm plasterboard or 12mm thick lining.

The Facade Covering with expanded cork agglomerate, presenting the natural appearance of exposed cork and enhancing energy efficiency due to the A+ rating

Paredes exteriores.jpg

Housing solution - Floor with air box

Double floor with air box, built with MGO boards with high mechanical strength and good humidity resistance properties, fixed to the base frame.

In the air box we put 40mm thick roofmate boards. The interior floor covering is made with laminated floating floor (vinyl in the WC division).

pavimento (2).jpg

Prefabricated modular houses are constructions that are based, as the name suggests, on modules, previously built, which are then transported to the place where small finishes will be made.
With a long experience in the sector, Euromodular offers residential and non-residential solutions, standard and personalized, with traditional and contemporary design.
This constructive system allows a huge versatility of buildings, allowing unlimited solutions and types.  Our modules are removable  ( displaceable ,  detachable ,  transferable). Can be coupled or overlapped.

OPTION 1                                                 OPTION 2




The values do not include, in addition to those described below, all that are not mentioned in the supply proposal to be prepared.

Example: work licensing process, architectural design (except drawings related to construction), specialty projects and any other processes necessary to obtain a construction and use license;

Infrastructure, namely, base construction,  retaining walls, any construction or cladding in masonry or stone, septic tank, absorbent well and respective plumbing;

Connection to public water, sewage, electricity, gas and/or other networks;

Exterior floors including porch floors and landscaping;

fireplaces and chimneys;

Kitchen furniture, miscellaneous furniture, household appliances;

Solar panels;

Water heating or air conditioning systems.

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